"Fortify Your Frame" is an innovative exercise program geared towards the principles of stability before mobility.

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** Class schedule subject to change!!! Always call if you are attending your first class. **

"Exercise with YOUR peers"

Class Descriptions:

Prenatal Core (PNC) - This class is designed for the pregnant woman. Exercises are implemented in a safe environment to protect mom and growing baby. Abdominal strength is essential during pregnancy to protect your back while your body is changing. Emphasis on core exercises and lower body muscles; glutes & quads in particular to further accommodate the birthing process. Upper body strengthening is to prepare for the lifting and carrying soon to come baby. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise is imperative during pregnancy, however keep in mind this is not the time to exercise for weight loss. * Medical clearance is required.

Prenatal Core participants could expect to see:

* Increased abdominal strength

* Learn proper body mechanics with regards to lifting and carrying baby (with accessories - diaper bag, etc...)

* Increase strength of core muscles

* Reduction in back pain, if applicable
* Improved strength and stamina to prepare for labor and an easier delivery
* Maintain overall health

Postpartum Core (PPC)
  - This class is designed for new moms!  A class specifically geared towards recently pregnant women. The goals of class are to re-educate "core" (abdominal/back) muscles affected by pregnancy. Emphasis is on establishing appropriate core strength and progressing at your own pace. Instruction in proper body mechanics with lifting baby, carrier, diaper bag, etc... Must be discharged from OB-GYN care.

Of course, babies are welcome.  Please realize, for safety babies will need to remain in a self-contained area (carrier or pack and play). Hungry baby, no worries you are exercising with your peers, no one will bat an eye if you lift your shirt to breast-feed!

Postpartum Core participants could expect to see:

* Improved abdominal strength

* Increase strength and balance

* Established proper body mechanics with regards to lifting and carrying baby (with accessories - diaper bag, etc...)

* Balance of trunk muscles

* Reduction in back pain, if applicable
* Improved body image
* Improved stamina
* Improve overall health

SilverSneakers Strength and Balance (SSSB) - Getting fit just got more CONVENIENT! Thanks to the FLEX program, you can participate in of your favorite classes in a new, convenient location. SilverSneakers Strength and Balance is a low-impact classes designed to help you improve your flexibility and balance while increasing muscular endurance. Strength exercises may include lifting hand-held weights, stretching resistive tubing and using your own body’s resistance while also using your core muscles to improve balance and stability.

SilverSneakers Strength and Balance Participants would expect to see the following benefits.

* Improved Strength
* Improved Balance

* Improved Overall HEALTH!!!!

SilverSneaker Ageless Grace (SS AG) - The Ageless Grace program - 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease - can be done by almost everyone of any age or ability. Each of the 21 Tools focuses on different anti-aging techniques, e.g., joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, cognitive function, systemic stimulation, balance, confidence and playfulness. The easy-to-learn tools of Ageless Grace promote the "three Rs" of lifelong comfort and ease - the ability to Respond, Recover and React efficiently and safely. 

Ageless Grace participants could expect to see:

* Improved flexibility and ease of movement

* Increased range of motion

* Cardiovascular conditioning 

* Core strength, stability and flexibility

*  Right-left brain coordination 

Take the Ageless Grace "PILL" Play, Instead of Living Limited

Fortify Your Frame (FYF)
This class is the original! Geared towards aging individuals with chronic back pain, whether it be post-injury, trauma related, arthritis, or degenerative changes. All exercises are spine safe without any flexion (forward bending) or rotation (twisting). Core exercises are emphasized to balance your trunk muscles to establish support and stability for your spine. Floor exercises are an important aspect of the class; to fully participate you will be getting on and off the floor. Class size is limited. *Medical clearance is highly recommended.

Fortify Your Frame participants could expect to see:

* Reduction in back pain

* Increase strength, balance and stamina

* Improved posture and a decrease in posture associated pain

* Improve overall health

Special Olympics Strength Training (SO)  - This class is designed to improve the strength/flexibility and agility needs of Special Olympic athletes. May move into sport specific training as applicable. Must be referred from the South Florida Special Olympic office.

Special Olympic Athletes could expect to see:

* Increased cardiovascular endurance

* Increase strength, balance and stamina

* Improved agility

* Improve overall health

There is NO charge for this class.

Jewish Family Services (JFS)  - This class is designed specifically for women victims of domestic violence within the Jewish community. Emphasis on body awareness, self esteem, overall strength and conditioning for improved health.  Must be referred from Jewish Family Services of South Florida.

JFS Women could expect to see:

* Improved Self-Esteem
* Increased cardiovascular endurance

* Increase strength and stamina
* Improved agility
* Improve overall health

There is NO charge for this class.

                                   **  Class Fees for the PNC, PPC, FYF **

                                                                $25.00 per session
                          $150.00 for 10 classes paid in advance
(expires 8 weeks from date of purchase)

Medical clearance can be as simple as your doctor writing on his/her prescription pad a diagnosis and that you are medically stable to participate in a cardiovascular and strength training exercise program.

Comprehensive Fall Risk Balance Assessment:
This is essential for all adults over 60 years old and those at risk (any neurological involvement). This is an all-inclusive 45-minute assessment covers all aspects and health and wellness; from strength and endurance, to balance and coordination, to fall risk. A MUST aging adults. 

Comprehensive Assessment Includes:

 * Health History and medication review
 * Flexibility assessments for upper body and lower body
 * Strength and endurance assessments for upper and lower body
 * Speed and agility assessment
 * Cardiovascular endurance assessment
 * Several balance and fall risk assessments
 * Body composition

                                          ** Fees are $60.00; waived if 6 or more person training sessions are purchased **

Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease (WWE) Fortify Your Frame is pleased to collaborate with the Arthritis Foundation to offer Walk with Ease, a walking program to encourage people with and without arthritis to get started walking and stay motivated to keep active anytime of the year. Walking for exercise isn’t complicated – you start a walking program by starting to walk! Get ready to walk safely and protecting your joints and muscles with exercises for warming-up and cooling down. Discover that appropriate exercises will help you manage your arthritis.

During the 6-week program, participants meet three times a week in groups of up to 15. Each class begins with a health education session on an arthritis - or exercise-related topic, followed by stretching activities and a 10-35 minute walk followed by a cool down. Participants receive educational materials and tools to supplement the group classes.

Walk with Ease is designed to help people living with arthritis better manage their pain. It's also ideal for people with or without arthritis who want to make walking a regular habit. Based on research and tested programs in exercise science, behavior change and arthritis management, Walk With Ease is shown to:

* Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis

* Increase balance, strength and walking pace

* Build your confidence to be physically active

* Improve overall health

                                                  **  Class Fees for the WWE class **
                                                       $66.00 per series
(includes AF workbook)
                                                        $120.00 per couple per series
(includes only one AF workbook)

*** Ask about our upcoming Sunday Clinics ***

Balance and Fall Prevention
Beginner Butt 'N Gut

Personal Training Available:

Where exercise is both Fun and Functional!

"Creating Healthy Spines for a Lifetime"

Fully Private (One on One):
Recommended for individuals with special needs and/or beginners.

Semi-Private (2-3 people training at the same time):
Recommended for people who enjoyed exercising with peers.

Please fill out the "Contact Us" page for more information.



Whatever type of training you enjoy or want to try,

FYF is capable to accommodate your needs.

With over 20 years experience as a certified personal trainer,
Shari Kalkstein will provide you with her expertise and love.

                                                                                                  ~ in Good Health
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