"Fortify Your Frame" is an innovative exercise program geared towards the principles of stability before mobility.

Reasons to Exercise
Reasons to Exercise

There are several benefits of exercise that must be taken into consideration, especially with aging older adults. 

Appropriate "core" strength is vital.  But what is core?  I define core as all the muscles between shoulders and knees; specifically trunk  - anterior and posterior (front and back) and gluteals.  The core provides the foundation for all other movements, and must be maintained throughout a lifetime.

Osteoporosis is just one of many degenerative conditions where the effects can be lessened with regular appropriate strength training and weight bearing exercises.  Weight bearing exercises increase the bone minerals and density that over time can dramatically reduce the severity of osteoporosis.

Another age-related serious condition that is much less known; but has severe ramification is called Sarcopenia.  Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and strength.  This may affect up to 40%  of people over the age of 80.  Weak muscles in conjunction with poor balance is a major contributing factor to falls among the elderly.  Fortify Your Frame is a great adjunct for educating adults about safe weight bearing exercises to reduce their chances of developing debilitating effects of osteoporosis as well as sarcopenia.  Painful degenerative spine conditions can also be relieved with a safe and appropriate exercise program.

Other important benefits of regular exercise:

  • Increase metabolic rate - research has shown that adults who gain muscle through a sensible strengthening exercise program use more calories all day, thus reducing the likelihood of fat accumulation. A regular exercise program has been shown to improve diabetes, heart conditions, cholesterol and blood pressure concerns as well as many other health issues.
  • Weight control - regular exercise program consisting of a combination of a progressive cardiovascular training and weight lifting has shown to control weight.
  • Reduce arthritic pain - strong muscles protect weakened joints. But, care must be taken that the exercises are appropriate!
  • Reduce back pain - strong abdominal and back muscles are less likely to place undo stress on the back, thus lessening the pain without medication. Developing strong "core" muscles are essential for back health. Learning appropriate stretches along with a specific spine safe strengthening exercises has been shown to dramatically improve function of long time back pain sufferers.
  • Reduce depression - increasing muscles strength and physical functionality is highly effective for improving emotional states in depressed men and women.
  • Self-Esteem - improving self-esteem at any age is a critical aspect of emotional health.

Besides improving physical appearance associated with lean, stronger muscles, strength training is an affective mean of improving the physical capacity, reduce the risk of falls, reduce the risks of injury.

Fortify Your Frame also focuses on preventing degenerative spine conditions by addressing them at a much younger age; youth and mid-life.  While mid-life cannot be "specific age", postpartum core re-education is essential. New moms, with stretched abdominal muscles, unnatural forces placed on the spine for several months and unstable ligaments are now lifting and carrying a baby, car seat, diaper bag, etc... without appropriate strength.  This "trauma" can lead to early stages of degenerative spine changes that can last a lifetime. Addressing them immediately after the birthing process is essential.  For that matter, any abdominal surgery should be addressed with appropriate abdominal muscle re-education so "core" remains intact. 


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